Housing these days is at a premium so let Five Starr build a shell home that you can finish out and save thousands. Barndominiums have gotten very popular and are a great way to get your dream home without the giant price tag, give us a call to discuss your new home today!

New home construction can be very expensive these days and a lot of folks have been finishing out the interior of our buildings to make into their new home. Barndominium have taken on a life of their own over the past couple years and although Five Starr does not do the interior build out we have constructed numerous shell homes for folks all over Texas. Our wooden post frame building design has many advantages where it comes to finishing out the interiors. Our solid 6×6 post support the weight of the building so there are no load bearing interior walls allowing you to cut lumber cost. The post also make a six inch exterior wall cavity that can hold lots of insulation that will cut energy cost for the life time of the building. The wooden skeleton is easy to work with and build on to weather you are running electric wire or hanging sheetrock.

Most people who take on a Barndominium build out will act as their own general contractor or do most of the work themselves. Getting one of our shell homes at such a good price and acting as your own contractor can save you thousands of dollars on a new home and gives you the freedom to make the inside just the way you like it. We have over twenty colors to choose from for your exterior sheet metal to get the look you want. Having us build the dried in shell allows you to do the build out at your own pace and budget. The interior is only limited by your imagination and we have seen many projects completed over the years that would amaze.

Let Five Starr Builders get you started on your way to a home that is all your own and if you go at your own pace can be yours without an expensive mortgage to repay. Weather it is a deer lodge or a home to spend your golden years our Barndominiums have the quality to lower your cost of living for years to come.

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