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Five Starr Builders began constructing post frame buildings in east Texas over ten years ago. We started off with just one truck and one trailer and a mentality of doing what’s right for our customers and standing behind our product. Building off that attitude and refining our product over the years has facilitated the growth of our company and built lasting relationships within the communities that we serve.

Our primary production facility is located in Waskom Texas where the founder, Rodney Cory, was born and raised. Over the years this facility has grown and we now have multiple trucks, trailers, and equipment that produce hundreds of buildings every year. In 2007 we opened a new facility around Conroe Texas and have witnessed substantial growth in our south Texas markets. Between the two divisions we have had thousands of happy customers and have made a positive impact on the surrounding communities and local economies.

Our process differs from a lot of other construction companies because we do everything “in house” and don’t rely on subcontractors. This gives our employees a steady place to work every day, providing financial stability for them and their families. This also allows us to thoroughly control the quality and consistency of our product and train people to do the job right.

Over the years new building materials and advancements in constructing technology have helped us better our buildings. While we rely on tried and true methods and a basic building design that originated around the turn of the nineteenth century we have also been able to adapt to new processes and materials that greatly improve the building. New treatment chemicals for the post, state of the art metal coating advancements, and improved concrete mixes ensure that this is not your grandpa’s pole barn. The post frame buildings of today are able to withstand the harshest weather conditions and remain sound and sturdy for many years.

Five Starr Builders has the experience and resources you need to make your next project a success. We are ready to get started when you are so give us a call today and we will work together to make sure you have an awesome building experience.

Our metal buildings and barns are built by your friends and neighbors – local people who are accountable for their projects and the quality of construction that we are known by.

Five Starr Builders is here to provide you with the building you need at an affordable price. Weather it is a barn, work shop, or housing project we have the post- frame expertise to construct a long lasting, durable , and great looking building. Our sales staff is always available to answer questions and work with you though out all phases of construction from the pad construction to the final sheeting process. We train our own crews and never sub-contract so you can be sure every building is up to the highest level of quality.

We have been striving for perfection ever since 2005 and have put over 2000 buildings on the ground all over East Texas. Everything from garages and shops, pavilions, church buildings, sheds and barns. We buy most of our material in bulk at wholesale prices and are able to pass those savings directly to the consumer. That coupled with the efficient post frame design and construction process allow us to save you thousands of dollars. Our production facility is located at 19198 Hwy 105 west, Montgomery Texas 77356, so feel free to stop by and see our display building, view our materials, or meet with our production supervisor.

Our Construction Framing Process

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